The Must-Visit Coastal Destinations in the Pilbara

The Must-Visit Coastal Destinations in the Pilbara

Exploring Up North:  

Are you looking for a simple guide on the best coastal destinations you can visit in Australia? Have you ever tried looking at the Pilbara coast and the coastal towns you can explore? Need help identifying the best coastal towns you can visit in Pilbara? Here is a guide to help you plan your Coastal Holiday in Pilbara. 

What is on the Pilbara Coast? 

When visiting the Pilbara, you either explore the inland roads to check out the National Parks, explore Cultural Heritage Tours or tour the coastal towns. Known as the NorthWest Coast of Western Australia, the Pilbara Coast can offer you the escape you need to unwind and recharge on a getaway holiday. 

The Pilbara Coast is noted for ONE thing. The COAST! On the water, in the water, deep down under the water. Everything is focused on the one medium. From different activities such as snorkeling, swimming, diving, boating, Kite sailing to all sorts of fishing. You also get to enjoy the beautiful views that Mother Nature has to offer, including the famous Staircase to the Moon event which happens between March to October along the coast. 

Where is the Pilbara Coast? 

The Pilbara Coast runs along the coastline of the Pilbara region located in the northwestern part of Western Australia starting at North West Cape near Exmouth and runs all the way up to Wallal past Port Hedland. 

What are the Coastal Areas I Can Visit on Pilbara Coast? 

If you love water activities, fishing, and sightseeing – planning a holiday visiting the following coastal towns on Pilbara Coast should be on your bucket list. Here is your guide: 

  1. Coral Bay – The number one place to see own/in/under the ocean. Go where the locals go and that has to be Coral Bay. The ultimate weekend getaway for anyone in Karratha for sure, especially now the road has been sealed. Was an adventure when it was bone shaking dust gutters. Now once you are in Coral Bay, snorkelling, discovering the turtles and neon coloured fish and of course no trip is complete without seeing the whale sharks.
  1. Cape Keraudren Coastal Reserve – imagine a long stretch of clear blue water with white sands. A feast for the eyes, the start of the famous Eighty Mile Beach, this is a coastal trip stop that should not be missed. Aside from the view, you can go fishing and camping with your friends or family at the Cape. 
  1. Point Samson  – There is more to fish and chips to this coastal town – if you are ready to explore. You can enjoy a relaxing stroll while viewing the beautiful sunrise or sunset at the Point Samson Peninsula. Here, you have the option for both beach casting and deep water fishing. If you will be stopping by between July to October, there is a lookout area where you can watch the whales play in the bay, 
  1. Dampier – This town is your gateway to the Dampier Archipelago, but more on that later. In Dampier itself, there are different activities that you can enjoy such as visiting the Dampier Port where you can fish, camp, relax and enjoy the view. Just be mindful of the sandflies. 
  1. Dampier Archipelago – coming from Dampier, you can visit the Dampier Archipelago. This unique coastal destination boasts of 42 islands and islets that you can explore. This untamed coast is best for diving and snorkeling. If you are interested in camping at the Dampier Archipelago, you can on some of the islands but do remember that there are no facilities on the sites. Aside from snorkeling and diving at the Dampier Archipelago, you can also cast a line for deep water fishing or even reef or sheltered inlet fishing – you can just get in touch with the Karratha Visitor Centre for more information about this. 
  1. Onslow – wanting to go for a relaxed holiday, Onslow is your best bet. This town enjoys good weather year-round and is the gateway to the Mackerel Islands. Onslow is also the best spot to experience both sunrise and sunset over the ocean because of the coast’s unique position. You can also view the Staircase to the Moon at Onslow’s First Avenue. 

Excited to explore the coastal destinations that Pilbara has to offer? Make sure that you plan your trip ahead and book your accommodations in advance. 

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