The Hottest Town with the Warmest Welcome: Marble bar

The Hottest Town with the Warmest Welcome: Marble bar

Visiting Marble Bar: Things to do at Australia’s Hottest Town 

Don’t just drive by Australia’s hottest town on your next trip to Pilbara. You’re probably thinking, are there things that I can do when I visit Marble Bar? What attractions or activities can I do in Marble Bar? What it lacks in marble (because the Marble Bar is actually made of jasper) it makes up for attractions and things that you can do. 

 Things To Do While in Marble Bar 

Visiting Marble Bar  

 Let’s start with the most obvious attraction to visit, the actual Marble Bar after which the town is named after. While it isn’t made of marble, it is a must-visit attraction. The unique rock formation is such a sight to behold. But aside from visiting Marble Bar, around it are gorges where you can take a dip to refresh after taking a stroll. 

 You can also stay at the Marble Bar Campground to enjoy an extended stay with nature. Enjoy ending or starting your day with a majestic view of the Marble Bay. 

Marble Bar Heritage Trail 

Discover the history of the town when you explore its historic sites. You can start your heritage trail by getting a Marble Bay Heritage Trail Map at the town’s visitor centre or any of the businesses around town. 

On the map, you can find an outline of an easy walking trail that is a 2.1km loop trail with 18 stops for you to see. 

End the Day at the IronClad Hotel 

Experience an authentic outback by visiting this watering hole. It’s an original outback pub that offers a refreshing and cold icy beer. 

Going in, you’ll see a lot of memorabilia and get captivated by the history of the place. You can even strike up a conversation with the locals and get to know more about the town. 

Corunna Downs 

Have a fascination with secret locations? Corunna Downs should be on your list! Corunna Downs has a secret airfield that operated from 1943 – to 1945. The Corruna Downs airfield was known as the invisible airfield because of the buildings and the heatwave that helped camouflage it from overhead. 

The airfield has long been abandoned after the end of WWII and you will see foundations and the runways. You can visit it and get more information at the Comet Gold Mine museum. 

Comet Gold Mine Museum 

Years ago, Marble Bar was a booming town after the discovery of gold in the area. Now, you can visit the Comet Gold Mine Museum which is located near the old gold mine. During your visit, you will get to know more about the mine’s history and discover what minerals and semi-precious stones can be found in Pilbara. If you’re up for it, you can also purchase jewellery made of jasper, tiger eye and amethyst at bargain prices. 

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