credit: Andy Taylor

About the Pilbara

The Pilbara is located in the north of the state, bordered by the Indian Ocean to the west and extending across the Great Sandy Desert to the Northern Territory border in the east. One of the largest regions in Western Australia, the Pilbara covers 507,896 square kilometres of unique and breathtaking natural landscape.

The region offers an abundance of rugged gorges, secluded waterfalls and isolated rivers and billabongs within its three national parks; Millstream-Chichester, Karlamilyi, and Karijini. In addition to its magnificent inland attractions, the Pilbara’s coastal plain is home to National Heritage listed Dampier Archipelago and the Montebello and Mackerel islands.

The Pilbara is made up of four Local Government areas: the Shire of Ashburton; the Shire of East Pilbara; the City of Karratha, and; the Town of Port Hedland.

In Fact the Shire of the East Pilbara is the largest in Australia.

People come to the Pilbara for many reasons. For work, the Lifestyle, perhaps travelling through.

The one thing in common is they all need a place to stay. Friends and Family or perhaps a hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Workforce Camp or a Caravan Park.


Pilbara Regions

City of Karratha

In 2014 the Shire of Roebourne became the City of Karratha. and so a new era was borne, with the  only city in the Pilbara taking place as the unofficial capital of the Pilbara district.


Town of Port Hedland

Port Hedland itself is actually 2 locations 20kms apart, but really the one place. Port Hedland and South Hedland make up this small and very red northern town. The iron ore carriers coming sliding past a few metres away and definitely something worth seeing.


Shire of Ashburton

Located in the shadow of Mount Nameless, Tom Price is the gateway to Karijini. Often referred to as the centre of the Pilbara, the are hides the most beautiful oasis in Australia. 

Only a town of 3,000, Tom Price has over 50,000 visitors a year visiting the awesome cliffs and waterfalls.

Shire of East Pilbara

Newman lies almost on top of the Tropic of Capricorn (only 16kms) and is the most easterly town in the Pilbara. 

Tours of the Superset are available from the Tourism Centre in town and certainly worth seeing.

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