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Onslow is a beautiful coastal town with a nice, sunny climate, particularly April-September. It is the oldest town in the Ashburton Shire, with a colourful history including pearl lugging and devastation by cyclone and Japanese bombing in World War II. Onslow will appeal to those with an avid interest in fishing, history and nature.

Sunrise and sunset beaches surround Onslow with their unique beauty. Visit the lookouts and take in the view of the islands. While Cyclone Vance affected this area, the Shire has reinstated most facilities.

The recently refurbished ruins of the Old Onslow townsite, the cemetery and remains of the jetty that served the sailing vessels are well worth a visit, as is the mighty Ashburton River. Onslow has a hotel with accommodation and meals available, two caravan parks with units and caravans for hire, as well as self-contained chalets and motel style rooms.


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