Marble Bar Travellers Rest


Everyone needs a place to lay their weary head. For travelers visiting Marble Bar, Marble Bar Travellers Rest is an excellent choice for rest and rejuvenation.

Guest rooms offer amenities such as air conditioning.

While in Marble Bar be sure to experience nearby pubs such as Ironclad Hotel.

Marble Bar is also known for some great history museums, including Comet Gold Mine & Tourist Centre and Marble Bar Museum, which are not too far from Marble Bar Travellers Rest.

Marble Bar Travellers Rest is sure to make your visit to Marble Bar one worth remembering.

Marble Bar Roudhouse Motel


  • My Location
    40 Halse Rd, Marble Bar WA 6760, Australia
  • Opening Hours
    • Monday 06:30 AM - 18:30 PM
    • Tuesday 06:30 AM - 18:30 PM
    • Wednesday 06:30 AM - 18:30 PM
    • Thursday 06:30 AM - 18:30 PM
    • Friday 06:30 AM - 18:30 PM
    • Saturday 06:30 AM - 18:30 PM
    • Sunday 06:30 AM - 18:30 PM

Amenities and More

Car Park Good Mobile Coverage On site restaurant


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